about us


Hey there! My name is Kylee Boudreau and I am the creator and owner of Natural Formations Jewelry! I am a crystal lover and collector, artist, plant enthusiast, animal lover, and enjoy spending time outdoors.


In August of 2017, I was a college student looking for a side hustle to make some extra money. Times were a little tough while paying for college on my own and all out of pocket. I decided to start creating jewelry out of some old crystals I had collected when I was a young girl. I’ve always had a love for rocks and crystals. As I really started to create jewelry, I fell in love with the process and outlet that I had created. I discovered a new passion for creating and put my new jewelry creations in a local gift shop where they quickly went to their forever homes. After putting my jewelry in the shop, I thought to myself, could this turn into something more than a side hustle?


After this launch, I was determined, excited, and ready to follow my dream of creating a recognizable brand and business. I created Natural Formations Jewelry and learned many things along the way of creating my brand.


Kylee Boudreau _Natural_Formations_Jewel

I had experimented a lot during this time with finding a good medium to work with. Natural Formations Jewelry is made with natural crystals and hemp infused cording that is intricately wrapped and the hair accessories are wrapped with a copper filled wire. I found a way to macrame wrap crystals into jewelry in a way that was unique and durable. All products are original and one of a kind designs that are all hand wrapped by me!


Natural Formations Jewelry is all about spreading love and happiness through my handcrafted jewelry while becoming one with nature. All of the jewelry is ethical and sustainable and all of the crystals are from our lovely earth. Natural Formations Jewelry offers a wide variety of different styles and colors for anyone of any age!